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What security measures are being taken in our hotels? Following the latest recommendations indicated by experts and international institutions in the field of prevention and safety against viral-infectious diseases, including COVID-19, we have adapted our prevention and hygiene processes to guarantee the maximum safety and well-being of our guests, teams and suppliers in all our hotels. Next, we detail the most outstanding measures that we are carrying out to comply with the protocols and guarantee the safety of our collaborators and clients: 1. Trained and specialized team: All the managers and teams of our hotels are in constant training in hygiene and safety processes; and these days especially in viral-infectious diseases, including COVID-19. 2.Adaptation of hygiene and safety protocols: We have updated all our protocols and processes based on the recommendations of experts from around the world in safety and hygiene, as well as the protocols established by the Government of Mexico. Safe hotels: Complete and continuous sanitation and disinfection of spaces and common areas: We have increased the frequency of cleaning of all common areas and areas of greater contact, adapting each of them, and following the protocols recommended by the WHO: A. Complete and continuous sanitation and disinfection of spaces and common areas: We have increased the frequency of cleaning all common areas and areas of greater contact, adapting each one of them, and following the protocols recommended by the WHO. B. Disinfection in rooms: Daily and complete disinfection of the room, in addition to before and after each stay, with special attention to the areas of greatest contact, through our specially trained cleaning team. C. Disinfection of room keys: Continuous disinfection of room access keys before and after each stay. D. Creation of safety spaces: Redesign of common spaces to guarantee the recommended safety distance. E. Protection of our employees: We have implemented sanitary filters in the access to the units, increased the frequency of cleaning in the workspaces of our teams and designed contingency plans to guarantee the protection and health of our employees. Our travel rules and tips At Hotel Canada, we are aware that from time to time, your reservations may be affected by weather or natural disasters that are impossible to foresee. In such cases, we do our best to keep you informed and provide the level of service that you require so that you can manage your reservations and organize based on those unforeseen circumstances. If there are special travel tips, we will disclose the details, the consequences it may have on your reservation, and the steps you need to take to minimize stress and mitigate any inconvenience. As a guest of Hotel Canada, we appreciate your loyalty and the trust you place in us as a travel partner. We are aware of the continuing and growing uncertainty that the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) is causing around the world; Therefore, our highest priority is the health and well-being of our guests and collaborators. This is the reason for reporting the actions we have taken in response to this outbreak. If there are instructions or a special government communication, to guarantee well-being, our security and prevention measures will be modified in order to comply responsibly with our collaborators, clients and society. Support to the community The hospitality industry has always prided itself on the role it plays in local communities. At Central Hoteles, we call it authentic Mexican hospitality, which is what our teams strive to offer day after day to our guests around the world. En el contexto actual, no podemos hacerlo como lo haríamos en unas circunstancias normales, por lo que nuestro equipo ha tenido que buscar nuevas formas de apoyar a las personas que están a nuestro alrededor. Miles de compañeros de distintos hoteles se están adaptando rápidamente a los cambios y hacen todo lo que está en su mano para ofrecer un lugar seguro a quienes más lo necesitan. Cabe destacar el caso de los hoteles donde ahora se alojan trabajadores esenciales y aquellas personas que están en primera línea de combate. En ellos se cuida a todos los héroes que hacen frente al COVID-19, desde el personal sanitario hasta los transportistas y repartidores que llevan provisiones y conectan a los varios millones de personas que tienen que quedarse en casa. We are a national collaborator of the #FirstRespondersFirst campaign and, in this sense, we provide accommodation in Mexico City to those who work on the front line of battle against COVID-19. #CentradosEnTuBienestar is an initiative in which we send people beautiful messages of hope that have become a spark of optimism for the sector. We would like you to be a participant too.


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